Goji Berry
Goji Berry: The Age-Old Secret of Staying Young

Signs of aging appear soon after you cross the twenties. Check them by including goji berries in your diet. For more information on the benefits, you can check the article.
Goji berry also known as wolfberries; belong to the family of Solanaceae which also include other plants such as potatoes, and tomatoes. These wolfberries are few of the richest sources of vitamins and nutrients which have contain over 18 different types of amino acids and vitamins such as B1 and E. This fruit is also slated to contain more Beta carotene than carrots and is also known to be the best source of vitamin C. The fruit is also known to be rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. To sum it all, the berries are a rich source of antioxidants which cannot be found elsewhere.


Legend has it that the berries were discovered by Buddhist monks hundreds of years ago when they were roaming the Tibetan mountains. When one of them found goji berry plant and tried the red berries, they were impressed with its taste and decided to include in their diet plan. After this, what surprised them was that the monks who ate the berries outlived the other monks which made them conclude that the berries had a healthy impact on them. Though this was discovered ages ago in Asia, the health benefit of the wolfberries was not known to the west for centuries. Though initially due to its past stories associated with it, many considered having the berries for its life span increasing ability. But things have changed and it was initially included in the diet plan of many westerners was that it had healing powers which healed burns and abrasions.
Today, many health stores and manufacturers use extracts of the berries for skin creams, health drinks, body lotions, and cosmetics. Due to its non-toxic characteristic, more and more people are getting buying these products which have no side effects.


Many humans have been tested and studies have been published about the affects which these berries have after consumption. According to a study conducted by a Chinese Journal of Oncology, 79 people with cancer showed positive results after they started the new diet plan including the red berries. Other studies have been conducted which also state and prove that the antioxidants contained by goji extracts prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body. Other positive results in cancer patients are reduction of blood glucose level and cholesterol levels. Though there is no guarantee that it will have the same effect on everyone who consumes the red berries.


Goji Berry Health Benefits

Now that we know in details about the positive effects of the berry on cancer patients and so on, let us understand the other benefits which are associated with it.
Boosts Human Growth Hormone Production: Human growth hormone production decreases as a person ages. For example, a one-tenth of human growth hormone is produced in a 70-year-when compared with a 20-year-old. This in turn also lowers energy levels and stores body fat. Consuming these berries boosts production of human growth hormone. This is mainly possible because the berries are a rich source of potassium which is important for health. If your body has insufficient potassium level it interferes with the pituitary gland that is responsible for growth hormone production. The other element which affects the production of the growth hormone is the amino acids and the berries are rich source of two amino acids - l-glutamine and l-arginine. Hence, once you start the consumption of these red berries it increases the hormone levels which greatly affect the skin and helps you look more youthful.
Increases Sexual Drive: One of the common Goji Berry benefits is that it helps in increasing sexual drive which tends to get adversely affected as a person starts aging. The berries increase the production testosterone and the fact that this is a well-known aspect many health treatments particularly in Asia include berries in their sexual tonics which not affects the sexual drive but also improves stamina.
Boosts Energy Levels:  The goji berry improves the health of the adrenal glands which de-stresses the individual and enhances the stamina and energy.
Enhances Vision: The goji berry include two nutrients - zeaxanthin and lutein - that improves the vision by protecting the retina from age-related diseases mainly cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.
Controlling Cholesterol: These berries are known to increase production of an enzyme called the superoxide dismutase or SOD. Mainly responsible for producing antioxidants, these SODs are responsible for controlling cholesterol. That is not all! It also elevates the blood pressure level.
Monitor Vital Organs: So, now that we know that diseases such as cancer and so on can be treated by these berries. What else can these super fruits do? They also help in maintaining the blood sugar level and improve the liver and digestive system. That is not all; the fruit detoxifies the liver and guards it from diseases such as hepatitis virus. It also improves the digestive system and helps in recovering from diseases such as ulcers.
The fatty acids in the berries stimulate the production of collagen which helps in acquiring a younger-looking and well moisturized skin.
Sleep Improvement: A rich source of nutrients such as Vitamin B1 and Magnesium, the berries ensure that you get a healthy sleep. While the vitamin alleviates depression, magnesium reduces the time taken by people to fall asleep.

Common Forms

If you are impressed with the healing and therapeutic powers the berries and want to try them, take a note that it is not that easy to purchase and track it. Many experts recommend eating it raw or brew it with tea. In China it is also added to soups. But if that is not the way you want to consume it, you can buy a bottle of goji berry juice from a snack food depot or a health food store.
For a better deal, one can also order it online in reputable online stores. Though one must remember that a number of cheap imitations are also available and you might also be subject to internet scams associated with goji berry. With a little cautiousness, one can avoid such scams and frauds and buy a bottle of goji juice online. Click on the link to get a discounted price on the product.